triple your profits (take home money) inside of 12 months without having to train more clients

We focus on the marketing, sales, and operations strategy, you just focus on delivering world class results to clients 

Step 1: Watch the Training Video: $6k-$33k. 12 Months. Bootstrapped  
Step 2: Fill Out Quiz and Book A Free Business Audit With Our Team 
Gym Owners Across The World Are Using The One Hour Trainer Method To Profitably Scale Their Business
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-Geovanni Derice
20/20 Living Inc
-Mike & Lindsey Zahniser
Max Performance
-Nicholas Vidal
Gut Health Detective
-Holly Drayton
Better Body Fitness
-AJ Rivera
FitPro Hero
-Rick Streb
Nutrition Profit System
-John Spencer Ellis
-Danielle Reuter
-Elijah Bowie
Supreme FitPro
-Sierra Grana
A Bridge That Matters
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-Stefanie Novak
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How Lewis Faced His Fears, Had A Breakthrough, And Today Opening His First Studio.
A Clear Vision And Project Map Will Propel Any Business To Dominate A Market. Frank And Sara of Rope Dart Academy Are Now The #1 Resource For Their Market 
Went From $14,000 A Year To Operating A $500,000 Fitness Business...Currently Owns Multi-Family Homes & Invests In Stock Market And Cryptocurrency All Because He Learned How To Build A Profitable Fitness Business

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Nicholas Kusmich
Highest ROI FB Marketer

AJ Mirzhad
Online Super Coach

Dr. Joe Simon
5 Physical Therapy Locations

Gym Owner Results...

"We crowd sourced the gym. We raised enough money to get this gym started. We started bringing people in with traditional marketing methods. But then it stopped working. We got to a certain point around $7,000 a month but then we just weren't getting a return on our efforts. So I had to do something different.

I reached out to Rahz and Greg and saw they had this program called Kaizen.They did a complete audit of my business and showed me the 5 pillars to running a successful fitness studio.
Quite an amazing journey. We were making about $7,000 per month to now $35,000 a month from beginng to end." 

Currently Sumair has smashed his record at $43,000 monthly revenue and is enjoying the One Hour Trainer™ effect which is building a highly profitable, low stress business without doing all the heavy lifting.  

Sumair Bhasin, Founder @TrainLifeFit

TrainLifeFit: $6,000 - $31,000 MRR 12 Months. 4 Employees. Currently Hit $43,000 MRR 

Sumair Bhasin & Team 
TrainLifeFit, Austin TX
“I had alot of things happen that cost alot of money in business. All it took was one phone call and immediately they had a plan together. They told me step by step, what videos needed to be produce, the emails going out, and the funnel and ad setup. Almost overnight it turned my business around. The leads were flowing in like crazy.” 

 - Holly Drayton, Founder @Better Body Fitness

Better Body Fitness: $6,800 - $18,000 MRR 12 Months. 1 Employee. 281 Leads In 90 Days 

Holly Drayton
Better Body Fitness, Smyrna TN
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Rahz Slaughter
Lead Business Strategist
Co-Founder of Meta Burn Fitness Studios (12 years)
[20+ years in the fitness industry]

Co-Founder of Fitness Business Mastery
[4 years in fitness consulting]

Author of The One Hour Trainer book 

Responsible for over $2M in sales for Meta Burn Fitness

Greg Kalafatic
Lead Tech & Funnel/Ad Creator

Co-Founder of Meta Burn Fitness Studios (12 years)
[20+ years in the fitness industry]
Co-Founder of Fitness Business Mastery
[4 years in fitness consulting]

Responsible for 3,415 leads in quality fitness leads at average cost per lead of $20.54 
Chris Sweeney
Lead Production & Video Editor
Founder of Sweeney Productions
[Video Production and Editing since 2012]

Connecticut School of Broadcasting

Producing video content for Meta Burn Fitness and Fitness Business Mastery for last 3 years.

Michele Slaughter
Lead Finance Strategist
Bachelor of Science at NYU (Stern School of Business)

Certificates in Bookkeeping, Payroll and Quickbooks from National Bookeepers Association

Founder of First Choice Solutions Bookkeeping
Questions and Concerns
What distinguishes you from everyone else? 
We actually own our studios and have been involved in this industry for over 32 combined years of experience. We launched 5 studios from the ground up with no investors or bank funding. We teach what worked along our fitness business journey so you can avoid all the mistakes we made.
Who are you guys, anyway?
Rahz Slaughter and Greg Kalafatic. We have been successful partners for the last 12 years and are proud to not only serve the general population in transforming their bodies but also mentoring fitness studio owners how to build a profitable business they love without having to do all the heavy lifting.
What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims? 
Proof is in the data. We have been successfully operating our own fitness studios since 2008, and if you scroll above you can see the impact we have had on some fitness studio owners who have worked with us. We promise to teach you everyone we know about launching and operating successful and profitable studios and the first goal in working with us is to show you how we can add an extra 100k to your business in the first 12 months.
How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn't it worked for? 
Just reach out to our clients above on social media so you can get a true feel for what we are capable of helping you with. Unfortunately our main services are not for personal trainers currently working in big box gyms or in-home personal trainers. Currently our model is best for studio owners or personal trainers who have a strong desire to be a studio owner.
How do I present this to my team? 
We understand that sometimes opportunities like this have to be discussed with a spouse or business partner. Best way to approach this is to not verbal vomit over them. Allow them to come to this page themselves to read through the content, watch the case studies or have them personally join us on a call so we can answer their direct questions.
What are typical contract terms? 
We don't believe in contracts that lock you into something personally nor do we have legal team or debt collection company that beats down your door to collect. We do have 12 month agreements so we can guarantee success for you. If at any time you decide that you can't stick to your commitment to the agreement, we keep your security deposit and part ways as friends.
What type of support do you offer? 
We don't just provide support. We also provide accountability. We are sickened by the lack of accountability the consulting space offers it's clients. It becomes a reach out when you need help. Here at Fitness Business Mastery under our Kaizen Coaching program we provide support in our private Facebook group where you post yours questions and updates, on our weekly group calls, and we check in with texts or voice notes if we find you are being silent or distant. 
Where did you get the idea to offer this solution? 
Quite similar to when you become a personal trainer and change your body, people ask you how. So you become a trainer to pass on your knowledge and expertise. Over the years of launching studios, colleagues would ask us how we ran certain campaigns, built the studios and managed the team. In 2016 we decided to pursue this as a career and help more studio owners accomplish what we have or better surpass what we have created for ourselves. 
Fitness Business Mastery. 205 Iceland Dr, Huntington Station, NY 11756
 516-203-4534 | support@b2finc.com
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